Best brass insert suppliers?

Hi, I am in need of some more threaded brass inserts, I have been using the same supplier for a while now and looking for a change. Does anyone know of any cheap providers?



You are essentially promoting http://…com/ in other threads and your signature… Why are you asking for other suppliers here?

Because this OP is attempting to advertize under the radar here.


That is some pretty overt under the radar work right there!

I suppose at least it isn’t kitchen remodeling spam?

Not at all, I am just curious to which other suppliers are out there - can’t seem to find any other ones.
Just curious that’s all, sorry if it came across wrong! :cry:

Virtually impossible to take it any other way. You link to a company (now 3 in your sig). You link to the same company in your post about what they sell claiming to want another source.

Type “heat set insert” into google. The first two pages are chock full of other sources.

In any event one of the biggest here in the US, not sure about UK, Is McMaster & Carr.

This community is awesome.