Best printer parts store for TAZ 5?

I am looking at modifying my TAZ 5 and also build a flexistruder. Where do you guys go online for the best selection of parts?

Chris has used Taz parts in various quantities (though they just redid their store and raised prices on a couple of things I was going to buy…), Mcmaster Carr has heat set inserts, Teflon tube for flexystruders and other assorted parts. The openbuilds part store has the openrails stuff.

Digikey is a good source for the electrical fittings and mitsumi has the leadscrews and other bits.

Man that is awesome. Thanks for all of those resources. I am going to build a flexistruder for the fun of it so this should help me out a lot.



The last time I purchased ultrasonic inserts, Global Industrial had better prices than Grainger or McMaster Carr.

Thanks for the mention! If someone only wants a few heatset inserts (not a bag of 25/50/100) we do sell individual heatset inserts now.
Yes, they’re pricey, so just buy a bag of them if you need more than a few
Bonus- we list the McMaster part numbers for easy reference if you want to buy a bag there.

The scary thng is, I’ve ordered and used most of 400 M3 heat set inserts at this point. I really need to get one of those insert remover tools one of these days.

I really need to get one of those insert remover tools one of these days.

I just use a long (30mm) M3 bolt and a small butane torch. Heat up the bolt till it is red, then pull the bolt and insert out with a pair of needle nose pliers.

I then “clean” the old plastic off of the insert with the butane torch then place on an aluminum plate to cool. I do not recommend using the abused bolt for anything other than pulling other inserts. :slight_smile:

I just use a $4 pencil soldering iron from Harbor freight to remove the inserts. :open_mouth: Has worked pretty good so far.

Then just file down the tip as needed when it wears down or I pry too hard and bend the tip off! :astonished:

Agreed, I use my Radio Shack pencil iron to insert and remove. I heat the whole thing for a sec., then grab the first thread at a bit of an angle and pop 'em out. I mean really, where’s the fuin in using the right tool for the job? :smiley: