Threaded inserts in Europe?


I am building a TAZ 2(It has been in the making for a while) and the only part i need now is the Threaded inserts. I have not been able to order these from a place that does not have minimum of 250 dollars that ships internationally. And I have had no luck finding the exact same dimensions at a european suppliers.

I was wondering if anybody has had any luck in finding them in Europe or somewhere you can order under a 100 dollar?

I have been talking to a Chinese manufacturer that will make me a 1000 pieces for 120 dollars with shipping. But that seems a little much as i will not be needing that many. But if somebody else is interested we could maybe split the order?

A little second question: Where are the 4 M5 heated inserts supposed to go on the Taz 2 and is it possible to replace them with something else?

All help is appreciated!

Wow, pricey. A package of the M3 inserts is $12.30 for 100 from, and shipping in the US wouldn’t be more than $8 or so. To then ship them to Sweden would be $27 or so. I could buy a pack for you and send them over, although I don’t know what tax/duty issues you would run into.

I’ve read that McMaster won’t ship internationally, but you can see the inserts at

In a jam, you could use regular m3 nuts in place of the threaded inserts. Just make sure some plastic overlaps the top of the nut.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I would at most need 200 (so i also would have some to play with after the printer is done). But it would be approximately 60 dollar for 200(if you would send them) or 120 dollars for a 1000. It is a hard choice as i will not be needing that many. Thank you very much for the kind offer and i will maybe be taking you up on it!

I am not really sure of what you mean? Can you jam a m3 nut in the already printed parts and than melt som plastic over it so that it would stay in place? Almost like an insert? Haven´t thought of it but might work

Yes. Similar to the threaded inserts, use a soldering iron to heat up the nut, and press into the assembly. Let the plastic melt around the nut and slightly around the top to encase.

Have you checked eBay and I don’t know if Amazon ships overseas?

Have been playing with the thought today but am a little afraid of the outcome of doing it since i dont have access to any 3d printer if something were to go wrong.

Thanks for the tips, Amazon does not ship overseas and the overseas amazon ( and .de) do not have them. And i also cant seem to find them on and .de. there are several manufacturers that make the same inserts Tri-star, PEM and Dodge, Honoble but their resellers only sell in large quantitys.

I am sure you found this >

Found on amazon UK >
These are 3mm >

Another amazon vender with 4mm >

I have checked out Tappex but all of their plastic M3 Inserts are for < 5mm holes(from what i can tell), and since i already have the printed parts i can not change that.

Wonder if i can use those inserts as they are 5mm in diameter and my holes are 5mm. So there is not much excess material to melt. The other inserts which the parts are designed for are 5.16-5.56 mm. Also those vendors don´t ship to Sweden, but that is not the problem as they are available on aliexpress.

But I have made my mind to go for the “original” inserts with som help from WayTooManyHobbies.

Thanks for the help and interest!

For those in search of the same problem, I ordered with this shop on AliExpress. Hope they’re compatible enough to fit the standard cavities of the parts.