Best filament for printing detail with Mini?

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m planning to order a Mini in the next day or two :astonished: I will primarily be printing sculpts from ZBrush with a fair amount of detail. What filament(s) would you recommend if detail is top priority? And also if detail and being beginner friendly are priority :wink:

I have printed a few things in PLA on a cheap $200 kit (1up), and was pretty impressed by it. It sounds like HIPS might be easier to use, but I haven’t heard how it compares when it comes to printing detail?

Any other tips appreciate. Thanks :slight_smile:

HIPS is a good filament to start out with. I’d also recommend ColorFabb nGen as well. It’s very easy to work with and will give good details. Here is a small M4 tank model printed on my Mini with dark green nGen filament with a 0.15mm layer height. No post work on it, just removed supports and glued the four parts together.

Very nice, CoParaTech! Will definitely be getting some of that :smiley:
Was that printed with CURA?

Looks like the LulzBot store is out of stock of every color :frowning:
Will look for some elsewhere though.


This was sliced in Simplify3d and printed with Octoprint and a Raspberry Pi2.