Is it odd to like HIPS the most?

So when I got my Mini a few months ago Lulzbot was recommending HIPS as the filament of choice. I also bought a roll of ABS and a roll of PLA. The ABS was fine but the PLA always gave me bed leveling issues so it kind of turned me off of it initially.

As I’ve researched, learned, experimented with different filaments I seem to always get the most satisfaction from my HIPS prints. I’m use the eSUN brand and always set the filament size to 3.00mm. Right now I’m building the 3D scanner from Thingiverse and doing it all in a black/silver/orange HIPS combo. I’m even printing the 2020 Misumi extrusion in black, 240mm long (on my TAZ 6) and it looks great!

Yet, everything I read about filaments only ever classifies it as the dissolvable support material for ABS prints and not intended as a primary material. Seems to have several qualities in line with ABS except I think it is more brittle and would break before ABS would under the same stress.

Anyway, just curious who else uses HIPS as a primary printing material. There’s enough of it for sale on Amazon in many colors so there must be other folks!

I tend to prefer HIPS for test prints of concept models or for testing complex models that i get from online. It is the cheapest and controls very well. Many of my final prints are in HIPS as well. That being said i do have a very broad array of filaments to cover most potential models depending on what kind of stress i need to account for.

I also very much like HIPS.
It is also not hygroscopic, so you can leave it on the printer!

I have vacuum bags that I use with desiccant for filament other than HIPS (ABS, PLA, NGEN, nylons), as those are all hygroscopic. It is a pain to remove the rolls and put them in the bags and vacuum them down all the time.