HIPS vs Colorfab XT Coplyester


Has anyone tried both these filaments in a lulzbot mini? This will be my first 3d printer, which i will be using at work for quick prototyping before sending the CAD drawing overseas. The printed parts will need to be stiff with little flex when printed 1:1. Any setting recomendations for the Colorfabb xt filament since there are no presets in the Cura software for this filament?

Thank you!

After a bunch of research, I decided that the two filaments im going to try first for 1:1 prototyping are Pro series ABS, and HIPS. Hopefully Lulzbot will come out with a dual extruder for the Mini in the near future, so i can use the HIPS for a dissolvable support structure and the ABS for the prototype.