Best Taz 3/4 Upgrades...

Hey all!

I currently still have a Taz 3.1. It is currently bone stock! I have a Lulzbot fan kit coming.

Id like to hear from all of you on what updates you think are the best to do to the Taz. Basically what I am looking for is quality of prints, repeatability, and ease of use if possible.

I have plans to do the automatic table level, fan kit, a different bed material PEI? and possible different drive screws. What are the best upgrades for a Taz printer!

Thanks everyone!

The fan kit is a nice upgrade that will have a big impact on some types of prints. A big upgrade for a TAZ 3 would be TAZ 4 drive screws and couplers. That will also improve bed leveling, if you add that later. We have been using various types of PEI and really like it. Today we received new PEI sheets/stickers designed to our specs, with the adhesive we want, in both Mini and TAZ size. It works very well. We will likely carry it in our store, but that is still a ways out.



I love the PEI bed, and I second the Taz 4 Z screw upgrade as a must have upgrade. Aside from that, the only other things mine has done to it at the moment is my X axis belt tensioner retrofit piece, and the upper gantry LED lighting.

edit: also, dual extruder is nice too.

Are the Taz 4 drive screws and couplers available on the website? I cannot find them.

How important is a box to cover around the printer? I have seen plans on the lulzbot website for making one.

Jebba. Can you speak on your experiences with what thickness/brand PEI sheet you find to be the best so far and what brand sticky paper is best to use to attach the PEI sheet?

Id like to go with an auto bed levelling setup one day. It looks confusing to me currently but I will investigate it some more. It seems repeatability will increase and I have had a PITA time with levelling my bed currently so :stuck_out_tongue:


I doubt you will see them on sale from Lulzbot. Your best bet is to source them from Misumi directly.

I currently have most of the parts printed, just need those lead screws!!

In order of importance for me:

Stand/good place to put the printer at a good height (put mine on a stand at chest height and was amazed at the difference)

LED lighting

Remotely accessible camera

Enclosure (print mostly ABS)

Fan (for the occasional PLA prints)

Flexystruder (prints ninjaflex as good if not better than the stock setup prints ABS/PLA)

I have a Taz 3 and a Taz 4…personally I do not see a difference in print quality. The 4 looks/sounds better but other than that…

astr0lite, Ever tried printing abs, pla, hips, pva in the flexystruder? I’m curious to know if it works.

Hey, a bit late to this thread…

We want to get more & more components into the store. In the interim, you’ll have to get them from Misumi.

We will be offering PEI sheets soon-ish for TAZ & Mini.