TAZ 3 Bed Upgrade Kit

I just saw the announcement of the TAZ 3 (including the new power supply & better heater for the bed):


Are you guys going to offer an upgrade kit for TAZ 1 & 2 owners so we can move to the more reliable & consistently heated bed? If so, any idea on the timing and or pricing for it?

  • Adam

Yes, having received my TAZ 2 a few weeks ago I’d like to know what the update policy is going to be?

We will be offering an upgrade kit for the 24V PSU/heat bed early next year for under $200 and we will be offering upgrade instructions on http://ohai-kit.alephobjects.com/ as we document the process.

Very awesome - thanks for the update Cale!

I’ll definitely be picking up a kit for my TAZ 1.

  • Adam

Can you tell me why I would want to upgrade from the TAZ version 2.1 printer ? Also, I see the present method of mounting the borosilicate glass is done with a 4 point mount. I would think a 3 point mount with the mounts closer to the center of the table would be more accurate for maintaining the print. Thoughts ?

The 3.0 bed is 24V and heats up faster than the 12V. Both are using 4 point mounting. Three-point mounting may be used in future releases.