Best top mounted TAZ 5 Spool bracket stl?

I need to save some desk space so I would like to move the spool to the top of my TAZ 5. I would like something sturdy though, not just a stick that runs across the top rails. Has anyone seen a good design?


Try this one:

Thats pretty original.

I made this design.
Works quite well for us. Prints super easy. Uses a piece of 3/4 inch (trade size) PVC tubing as the axle.
Bill D.

I’d find one that sits on rollers also… keeps the unspooling filament from getting out of the spool and wrapping around the center rod. The downfall of that type alone is that the spool gets too light towards the end and gets off track. Hence the usefulness of the center rod. :slight_smile:

Both design’s look good. Killacycle’s spoolholder looks easier to mod with some threaded rod. Get some threaded rod, cut and slip through the lower openings so that the spool rests on the rods. Should work for most spools… different manufacturers have different spool diameters, unfortunately.

Locks on tight without screws. Does anyone know why the TAZ is designed with a side mount rather than top mount. Is there issues with the spool being on top? Seems more practical.


Additional mass up high can induce frame wobble and potentially lead to print artifacts, especially if you buy 5lb rolls.

Makes sense. I have been big on ColorFabb products lately so I am in the 1.5 to 2 lb spool range with my filament selections. Hopefully this will not be an issues because i really need the desk space.

Who knows…

A floor mounted spool works great if you have room. Also you may want to see how much clearance you lost at the top there with the x carriage all the way up.

Do have have any pics of what a floor mounted system looks like? Is there a feed tube needed as a guide?


I have plenty of floor room.