Moving spool to left hand side of TAZ 5?

I just got my TAZ 5 this week and am about to build an enclosure. In the assessment of what I need access to I decided:

  • SD card slot
  • power switch
  • print bed
  • extruder
  • spool holder

Which got me thinking, why not move the spool holder to the left side of the printer? I don’t see anybody doing this, probably folks are moving away from the holder. I’m not there yet, so just wanted to make the printer slightly more compact. Things to consider for moving:

  1. electronics are on the left
  2. front frame has the LCD so putting spool there blocks SD card slot
  3. could mount on back frame towards top
  4. filament feeder might need something to mount to

I think that with the spool mount moved and something for the filament feeder to mount to it could work.

Your thoughts on this are greatly appreciated!

Perhaps to remove both spool mounting and filament feeder mounting concerns, simply put the spool in front of the power supply on a spool holder. The spools I have are 8" diameter, which is plenty of clearance between the power supply and front of the bed. With a little extra in the enclosure it wouldn’t be snug at all. And about 8" of width can be removed from the final enclosure dimensions. Filament feeder can be mounted on the front left vertical frame bit.

Interesting idea to relocate the spool…

How about hanging the spool holder off the left cross bar… as opposed to one of the uprights. Could probably shorten the feeder tube… in fact, probably only need the feeder tube to one of the top x-axis crossbars.

Probably have to deal with the angle changes of the filament from the spool. Perhaps if the feeder tube is close to the spool, basically where it comes off the spool. Would likely mean a higher arc above the printer for the tube.

I looked at the TAZ cross bar and it seems there is no aluminum extrusion. It’s just a plastic / nylon part which would require drilling. Which is rather not do.

Relocating the spool holder to either of the aluminum extrusions on the left could be a possibility. The existing cables may need to be slightly relocated to avoid any obstructions… Or a space could be added to the spool holder to allow room for the cable.

I wanted to move mine so I could put an enclosure over my printer. I just removed the spool holder and put it on the original post but facing forward. This not only gave me a little extra room but the big thing is it made it easy to change the spool without interference from my enclosure.

Isn’t the X axis restricted by changing the spool orientation?