Slic3r vs Cura retraction issue

I am using the default profiles provided by Lulzbot for my Taz4 and have noticed that the Cura profiles are not as good for retraction compared to using Slic3r. I am loading the profiles properly in Cura, I wasn’t when I first tried Cura.

Has anyone else noticed this and what have you done to fix this. The part on the left was slic3r and on the right was Cura. Slic3r came out perfect, pointy tips and all.

Also can Lulzbot label the versions of the profiles on the site? That way we can know if its changed from what we have previously. Or do they never get tweaked once on the site?

If you go to the directory above the profile location you’ll see the filament profile file edit dates:

Our profiles that are in development can be tracked here: