Best Video Camera set up for OctoPrint & Raspberry Pi

So I finally got my Raspberry Pi set up today with Octoprint. I want to set it up with Video but wanted to get input on the best camera to go with for the RPi? Is it better to go with the camera that is made for the RPi or a web cam? I already have a a Logitech HD Pro C920?

The C920 should work fine. There is a list of compatible cameras… Might be on the Octopi FAQ.

The C920 does work well.

WOW Cool, all I had to do was plug the camera in, NICE!.. I was getting myself mentally ready for a real big fight. :smiley:

Glad that worked out.

Just posted a swiveling camera mount for the aluminum plate. Print-in-place mount, Slide it onto the aluminum plate (under the print bed). Pick the short or long post, and attach the Universal Camera Plate.

Keeps the model in place thorughout the timelapse or when monitoring.