Best way to clean glue stick from TAZ 5 PEI bed?

I’ve used glue stick to print PETG, but now I’d like to clean the PEI bed. What is the best thing to use to gently clean the PEI surface yet remove the glue stick residue?

Isopropyl alchohol will not harm PEI. You can also use one of those white magic eraser pad things to mechanically remove contaminants.

Thanks for the tips. The white eraser pad worked great. ABS is printing / sticking / releasing like a champ!

Sorry for dropping in when the issue is solved, but I am just curious:
The glue stick is used to improve adhesion or to ease the removal?
I’ve been printing a lot with PETG and always had the best adhesion, similar to ABS, straight on the PEI sheet.

And in my case, whenever I used glue stick for other material, I sprayed some tap water on the PEI, waited a few seconds for the glue to soak in and then wipe clean with kitchen towels. Used the isopropyle just for the final cleaning/touch up.

I believe Lulzbot recommends gluestick for some types of filament which adhere too well to the PEI surface.

NinjaFlex, PETG for example can become hard to remove from the PEI without something like the gluestick between the PEI and the material.

I find it works well for ABS for small parts with large surface area or parts where you have smaller fragile bits that could stick and bend or snap when trying to remove.

And don’t use Pritt Stick. It’s a nightmare to get off.

At our university, we’ve found that the best way to get a standard glue stick off the PEI bed is to carefully wet the bed with water. What we do is get a rag well soaked with tap water, and then carefully wipe the bed with it. We make sure not to drip the water onto any electronic parts, and we don’t use a spray bottle because of the danger of overspray onto sensitive parts. We then wait about 5 minutes. Waiting is the critical part. Glue will thicken up into a gel in the water. We then take a scraper and gently scrape it off onto a paper towel. Next, we spray it one more time with water lightly, and wipe it clean. That’s it! No fuss, comes completely clean.

We do use alcohol to get the adhesive from masking tape off if we’ve been printing nylon, but it hasn’t been as effective as water for the glue sticks.

One warning: I’d strongly advise against getting the bed wet when it’s hot. Could shatter! Happened to a pie plate in the oven once for me.