Removing a Stuck Print

I tried to find the message thread concerning removing a stuck part from the print bed.
I could not find the message thread BUT

Someone suggested tapping on the stuck print with something like a screwdriver handle or some such thing.
The parts on my TAZ6 are sticking quite a lot, even though my PEI surface is cleaned regularly and lately I’ve been applying glue stick.
I’m currently printing with Matter Hackers Transparent ABS material.
I purchased the Matter Hackers filament because I could not find it on the Lulzbot site where I usually purchase my filament from.
I like the glue stick because it gets my parts slightly above the PEI surface so I have some chance of not damaging it when removing parts.

I use the standard Clam opening tool supplied in the maintenance kit from when I purchased my TAZ6 last September.

Today, I needed to remove some dome shaped parts that are very particular that the surface contacting the bed is not damaged.
I designed a small 1mm tall extension into the part that would be very easy to trim.
I slipped my Clam opening tool under my extension and applied quite a bit of tension, hoping to break the bond.
The part was absolutely stuck and no manner of pressure I could apply to the clam shell tool would release the part.
I thought about the guy that suggested tapping gently on the part with something like a screw driver handle!

With as much pressure as I could generate with the clam shell tool, I grabbed a small screw driver and gave the part a gentle tap.
The end result Made Me Smile!
The part flew under my paper towel insulator and was completely free from the build platform.

It was exactly the same result as removing the primary sprocket from my KnuckleHead Harley!

Thanks to whoever you are that made that comment.

And Thanks Again

I have used a squirt of isopropyl alcohol around the base of a stuck piece. The capillary action helps initiate de-bonding.
Try it on a cool bed!

Tim in D

Thanks for your suggestion Tim
I normally use a 10% isopropyl mix to clean my bed, But I also have the undiluted at 91%
The TAZ6 user manual says to clean the bed with 10%, so I have never used the 91% to clean the PEI surface.

Now you really got me thinking.
Since I’m using glue stick, maybe just a squirt of water would do the trick.


It does sound as though your z-offset may be set a hair too low, sticking your print to the bed too much. If you want to try to adjust this, here are some directions. I’d suggest starting out my moving it up 0.1mm and see how that works.

z-offset adjustment

Thanks John
I compared a brim printed with the same settings as my dome shaped parts.
The brim dimension in CURA is set to 0.425mm
My test brim measured 0.428mm to 0.5mm
This seems pretty close to what it should be.

I think that my sticking troubles have more to do with my designs than the TAZ6 printer settings.
If I’m having more sticking troubles, I will be measuring the brim or making a test brim with which to measure.


That may help, since it will start to dissolve the glue, hopefully weakening the bond. Alcohol tends to wick better than water, however, so if the water does not work, try the alcohol.

I’m curious why you are using a glue stick on the PEI bed with ABS. When I print with ABS, I just do it directly on the bed.

Hi John
I started using the Glue Stick on the PEI surface after I started noticing residue from the print on the PEI.
When I use the glue stick, I never get any residue and being that the glue stick is applied to the top of the PEI,
The glue bonds to the PEI and the prints bond to the glue.
When I wash the glue off after maybe 10 or 15 prints, I get no residue marks on the PEI.
My thought is that maybe the PEI surface will last longer.
I suppose I’ll find out when my PEI gets bubbles in hopefully a number of years or never.

Another thing is that I always use glue when running ninjaFlex material, so I’m quite used to it.


That’s interesting, Gary. I haven’t done a whole lot of printing with ABS. I’ll have to take a closer look next time I do so.

I also thought I read somewhere that ABS will not stick to PLA and vice versa. if that’s the case, ABS residue might cause adhesion problems if you are laterprinting with PLA. I haven’t really run into that, but if I do, you’re glue stick method may help avoid troubles.