Big print better than little prints

I printed the Huntress and it turned out great!
Much better than any of the small prints I’ve tried… (Can is there for size reference.)
So, still need to work out the print setting, speed and stuff for the smaller prints.

Forgot to mention that this took about 11 hours to print at 0.2 layer height.
Also, had estimated 6 hours while Pronterface estimated 9 hours.

Cool, looks nice! :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Looks like you’re starting to dial it in :sunglasses: And it’s true those print time estimates can fluctuate quite a bit.

As you’re getting the hang of things, remember our support team is more than happy to serve as a resource (!

On smaller prints maybe consider putting multiple objects on the print bed (depending on how small the items are) so that when you get to thin points or tall points it will give the object time to cool as the print head moves between items. This made a big difference for me on an Empire State Building print that has a tall spire at the top.