I just bought a Taz 6 and am making parts using BobCAD-CAM V28. I am unable to open an .stl file in BobCAD. I can turn a BobCAD file into .stl but not the other way. Does anybody know a way to open an .stl file in BobCAD. I would like to tweak some files that are available in Thingiverse.



We’re not that familiar with BobCAD/CAM unfortunately. We typically recommend using Blender, but that may have a steep learning curve. Were you able to tweak your files?

It doesn’t surprise me that BobCAD can’t input .stl files. Most CAD/CAM programs have a native format that contains details of the design. After converting to .stl, most of those details have been lost.

There are programs that allow editing of .stl files. I use Tinkercad for simple changes. Slicers also have some limited editing (i.e. scale, rotate, translate). There are also programs to repair .stl files like Autodesk’s Netfabb and Microsoft’s 3D Builder.

Thank you for the responses.

So how do people who improve on a Thingaverse .stl files do it?

What kind of improvements? Give an example or two of what Thingiverse files and how you want to improve it?

I’ve used Tinkercad to make modifications / improvements. For example,