TAZ ^ stl file issue in depository.


This stl file in the TAZ 6 depository appears to be damaged. i have tried to repair the fle with seevral programs but it is impossible to correct.
Is there any way the good folks here at lulzbot can look into this matter ?


The NetFabb cloud service will repair it. :sunglasses:

The corect thing to do is to repair it so that everyone can use it. I am surprised that i am the first to find this error in such a key part.

Many of the files posted on there don’t follow good design practice and are damaged or porely converted to mesh. Honestly I think it is an issue with freecad moreso than with the designers. Either use freecad to repair the files yourself or export the .Step files or try netfabb to repair the mesh.

I did repair the file through Netfab and then converted to STL, thank you discojon.

I would like to provide the repaired file back to the depository so that others do not have to go through this. Is that possible ?

Unfortunately the Repo is maintained by Lulzbot. I have been asking for a WIKI for us here on the forum but so far haven’t gained any traction. I may create one on my own however…