Broken heatsink tube

Ok guys, so around Thanksgiving I had a mishap with my Taz 5. Being a first time owner I didn’t realize just how delicate some of these parts are and I broke the heatsink tube from the heater block. Now yes I know I can buy an entire assembly for $70, but honestly all I think I need is just the heatsink tube that I can get at ( or should I get this ( to make my life easier as far as putting in the thermosister properly. I don’t know how far it’s supposed to go in as when I was messing with the broken one first off one of the wires broke off, but I believe I soldered back on properly, but second it seems the wire can go back into the thermistor hole a few more mm. Or do I just go with the entire assembly ( and if I do how is the wiring tied into the main harness? Trying to save cash anywhere I can. Suggestions are appreciated! Thank you!

The tube is installed with a high temperature blue loctite compound. If you don’t apply that compound, you can get leaks. It’s $35 a container for it. If you broke the wires off the heater core, you are going to want to replace it. Soldier joints will not hold at that high temperature area, and you will get a machine failure. Small crimp barrels can be used, but those components are only around $2 to replace anyways That electrical equipment is arguably the most important part of your 3d printer so it makes sense to spend a little more to get a solid connection, especailly when we aren’t talking more than $10. is a good option.

Depending on what version of Taz you are going from and what hotend wireing harness you have already, you may very well need to cut and re crimp the ends. The one direct from the lulzbot store has a 4 pin connector block, 2 for the thermistor and 2 for the heater core. Polarity doesn’t matter in this case, so you just need to make sure that the 2 from the thermistor are matched up to the two harness that go to your thermistor input, etc. Mixing them up will damage your components and will probably damage your rambo board.

If you are going from an older budaschnozzle equipped model, you also need to run the wire for the center bore cooling fan (required) and optionally the auxiliary fillament cooling fans for better print quality.

Here is the step by step instructions for doing so:
For a Taz 3 (or a 2):
For a Taz 4:
A Taz 5 or 6 will already have the proper harness.

The easiest way to get the wire harness pieces you need is to order the premade harnesses

For Taz 4:

Taz 3:

Thank you for your reply! I have the v2 nozzle, the Taz 5 was purchased mid last year (July-ish) so it has the newer components on it. The more I thought about it, the more I too was leaning on going with the $40 part. Seems much easier all around. I guess the hardest part will be just rewiring the 4 wires back onto the main harness connector. How are they crimped in there? Push pin? I guess I can play around with it since I know for sure I’m replacing it anyway.

Thank you again!