Can't replace thermistor

After cleaning off a huge glob of PLA off the hot end on my Taz 6, I shorted the heating cartridge (both 5 amp fuses have been replaced, that part is working now) and tore what I can only assume to be the thermistor wire. Pretty confident its the thermistor wire because I’m getting a “Err: MINTEMP EO” and when I look there appears to be a really thin wire that is broken and is in the thermistor spot in the wire harness. I don’t even remotely have the electrical knowledge to use those cheap multi-meters to test the resistance so I don’t know for sure.

I looked on the forums and a post said to replace it with this: however there is no option to buy it. Looking elsewhere online, none of the pictures look like the one on lulzbot’s website so I don’t know whether they are the right ones.

Can anyone link me a thermistor for the Lulzbot Taz 6 with the stock single extruder?

I’m wondering if this will work as a replacement if I trim down the length and add a crimp terminal on the end?

Mmmmm I think this is the one you want -
However, they’re out of stock too. I think the most important thing is that it’s a 100k thermistor. However the one Lulzbot used was of 3mm diameter, the one you found is 1.8mm. Look around on Amazon and e-bay and match up the specs. If that fails then you can go straight to the source of lulzbot print head parts in the UK here - Relatively expensive with vat and shipping so… if you can find on Amazon or e-bay that’ll be the cheaper option.

Also, be sure to remove the tiny Allen head screw that holds in the thermister and you may have to heat up the block (source of heat like an electric heat gun) for thermal expansion and than pound it out of there with a small screw driver or ice pick kinda tool. You just may have to do a full disassembly to do this. Yes, it’s a real pita! In fact, it may be easier to get a new heater block and swap it out; might be best to get one as a spare, along with the heating element. Good Luck to you!

Id buy it from e-3d DONT buy a cheap Chinese one whatever you do, when dealing with the hot end cheap is NOT the way to go…

If you are in the US, you can order that thermistor from IT Works 3D or Filastruder and know you are getting a quality part.