Hexagon Hotend, LulzBot Edition, 3.0mm filament assemblies [HE-SH0037-39] Workflow

I have a second-generation Taz 5 with a .5 nozzle.
Does anyone know how to get the parts listed in this teardown? I can’t find most of them anywhere and I have the extruder assembly that uses them and the thermistor went south in the middle of a production run for assembly parts for COVID protection support. Here is a list:

  • 4x- 24-30AWG crimp tin pin [EL-MS0212]
  • 1x- M3x8 stainless steel button head screws [HD-BT0104]
  • 1x- Hexagon hotend kit (select kit for item to be made):-HE-SH0037 uses HE-SH0031 for .5mm;

– NOTE: HE-SHXXXX Kits includes:
1x- Hexagon thermistor;
must cut wires cut to 195mm, strip 5mm
1x- Hexagon heater cartridge;
must cut wires to 180mm, strip 5mm
1x- Hexagon heater block
1x- Hexagon nozzle
(Nozzle sized on side of nozzle 5=.5mm, 6=.6mm, 35=.35mm)
1x- Hexagon heat sink
1x- M3x6 SCHS
1x- Thermistor retention plate
1x- M2.5x6 set screw
If it is not possible to get these parts, does anyone know of other assemblies that can be used as substitutes? Dead in the water right now
thanks for any help or direction you can give

Try OHAI.lulzbot.com under the TAZ 5 build.

Hey, I was wondering if you ever found the thermostat wire? I have pretty much have had the same problem. I need a new wire assembly and am unsure of which ones to get.