Build Plate Leveling Issues Mini 2

We recently bought a Lulzbot Mini 2 for our engineering classroom about 2 months ago. The printer consistently has problems leveling the build plate: it first goes to the back left corner and pushes the entire build plate down by a mm or two, then goes to the back right corner and misses the washer and slams the rest of the print head on the washer. Is there anyway to fix this so we can continue to use the printer? We voided our warranty already because someone disassembled the entire print head.

Contact us over at support we should be able to help you out.


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It’s possible that you didn’t void the warranty. Just disassembling the tool-head shouldn’t void the warranty unless you cause some additional damage along the way. Even then the warranty for the rest of the printer would still be in tact, just not the additional damage on the tool-head.