Building an Enclosure

So I decided I wanted a piece of furniture for my printer to reside in. I have a bunch of rough cut mahogany left over from ammunition crates during the golf war, and this is what has become of sum of it.

It is built from mahogany, birch plywood panels and a few 3d printed parts. at the top for filament to enter is a 1 foot long slot with brushes on both sides to try ant retain heat. The electronics enclosure port I used from JonathanB’s hot box enclosure. I did design a simi matching internal trim plate for it. Also designed and 3d printed adjustable inset door stops for the door.

The black bottom is also a drawer so the printer can be pulled out for maintenance.
Im not sold on the door, which is why weatherstripping has not been added, I may change my mind and make it a sliding door.

The base will match the top in materials, it will have one drawer (not full depth, there will be a shelf on the back for a ups power supply) Under the drawer will be a cabinet for storing filament. the bottom sill be weatherstripped so that I can make use of a small dehumidifier.

Tell me what you think!

That is truly classy looking, jballard86. Wonderful workmanship. Are you worried about the printer vibrating the bottom drawer especially when it rapidly moves in the Y-axis?

I have, but I have not figured out a lock mechanism yet, needs to be simple yet elegant.

Beautiful. I especially love the sliding floor.

Maybe a simple drill hole in the front center floor that a peg could fit into to lock the floor in place?

Hidden magnets on the bottom and maybe back edge ?

I like that idea, but I may just go with a brass pin in the rear corner, and ill machine some brass ferrules for it to slide in.

Here is the dry fit of one panel and the rest of the base, I have since glued both sides of the base up, and am getting ready to add the back.

There will be no top just some runners going front to back to allow the enclosure to be attached to the base. The base is 46 inches tall, the whole unit will be nearly 72 inches tall.

Im thinking 4 drawers, bottom two tall enough to fit standing rolls of filament top one only tall enough for commonly used tools, and the 2nd drawer a little larger to accommodate whatever else… I also want to do hand cut dovetails for the drawers, but I need to practice a lot before I do that, otherwise I will use dowels with a contrasting color. Drawers will be made from pine, fronts are undecided, I have some amazing looking oak I may use but I planned on using it for a bed frame repair.

Wood materials used are as such:
3 8ft long 2"x6" rough cut mahogany I have 2 3ft sections left
3 sheets of birch plywood 3/4 of one sheet left

Slow Progress but It is coming along.

I have applied finish (5 coats) to the outside of the base blocking it down after every coat with 400 grit, will lightly sand with 1000-1500 grit shortly then wax and buff it.

I have also started the drawers they are 23" wide and 24" deep. They will slide on ball bearing slides. There will be 4 of them, the top one will have a half depth tray that slides back and forth to hold commonly used tools.


still building drawers but Im printing again!

As I said before, wonderful job. Is your Y axis stable? How is it anchored?

Nice looking x axis too!


im not sure what you mean it sits on the inside of the access drawer. I have yet to add a lock to the pull out drawer, if that is what you are refering too.

Also wait tell I finish the absolute final pic, Im not sure what im going to do for the drawer fronts but I have some ideas. They are built I just dont know what wood im going to use for the fronts.

All thanks to you! Im going to do the y and possible the z with your anti wobble design, briliant design, they really should sell your version.