By request - Taz 7 style Taz 6 Y axis bed belt mount clamp

One thing I will never understand about the Taz design philosophy is why they keep changing the bed belt hole placement and bedbelt path geometry. it makes attaching upgraded parts somewhat of a challenge. At any rate, the new Taz 7 style parts look like they have a much stronger and less prone to catestrophic failure Belt mount part for the bed, but it’s offset to the point where it looks like it isn’t usable unless you also swap out the idler and the as yet to exist motor mount, and make an unknown number of other changes. So, I decided to make a variant that lines up with where the Taz 6 belt goes, uses the same taz 6 limit switch mount points, but uses the Taz 7 belt mount posts and belt clamp.

To be honest i’m not really sure how the belt routes here. The posts are different than the 6 in that they have the socket teeth on the outside of the pillar. I think the belt comes in the main channel and then wraps around the outside where it is clamped, but you are going to have to experement a bit if you intend to use this part.

I might make a slightly different version that uses a 4 bolt belt clamp, maybe split into 2 sections to make adjustments easier on just one post, but i’m not sure yet

insert 2 M3 heat set inserts and 4 M2 heat set inserts in the usual places. Bolt it up, hope it works.

if it needs any changes, let me know!
Taz_6_Hybrid-Taz_7_style-Belt_Clamp_1_0_a.stl (191 KB)
Y_belt_clamp.stl (99.1 KB)

Ok, the more i got thinking about it, the more it made sense to add a pair of bolts and split that. To me anyways. So here’s version 2
Taz_6_Hybrid-Taz_7_style-Belt_Clamp_2_0_a.stl (201 KB)
Taz_6_Hybrid-Taz_7_style-Belt_Clamp_clamp_1_0_a.stl (197 KB)

It’s been brought to my attention there is already a 6 version similar to this located here

I kind of wish i had known that a few hours ago, but oh well, now there are two of them. i kind of like my 4 bolt version for the belt clamp though too.