TAZ 7 upper build question

Is anyone else building a TAZ 7 as I am looking to figure out what the bearing holder is in the v3. I believe this is intended to hold the openbuilds idler for the belt but I cant quite make out how it is put together as there are 4 screw holes from the top.

A picture might help. As you can see from the middle left that I’m trying to figure out how the belt bearing is assembled.

I’m not building one (yet?) but I browsed around and found this part you might need… Someone more informed will correct me if this is wrong :slight_smile:


It looks to be attached by a single screw… However your picture shows a large opening where the screw hole seems to go so I might be looking at the wrong thing.

It also features as a part on upper and left and right sides in this larger assembly if you have freecad to look at it.

I think the Z idler bolts in the hole from the Z Top plate. (S.W.A.G.)Think it is belt tension adjustment. Might be why the Z upper is metal.

I saw that first part and seemed to be completely different but I couldnt find the link until you provided it. Thank you.

The freecad renders leave out the belts and mechanical parts there so I’m struggling to figure out this part. I had started building my own TAZ 6 modified with the Mini2 changes until I found the TAZ 7 was doing just that and removing the lead screws from the Z axis as that is a very expensive piece.

For some reason when I looked at that assembly before I didnt see the belt assembly but it is clearly there.

Now to make some progress!!!

I think I need to go back to the 2.x upper Zs as the 3.x doesnt look anything like the render or function that way since its completely open.

The part that goes in there is a custom metal part. This is one of the things I’m trying to completely avoid so that I can easily build everything without complication other than the bed pieces.

I’m wondering if I can’t 3d print that and then have it withstand the constant tension.

Z axis progress

I bought a TAZ 6 head on sale from Lulzbot and now realize the TAZ 7 holder has been completely redesigned so the 12mm bars are closer together so my TAZ 6 x carriage is not going to work.

I either need to:

  1. change the spacing between the Z axis to allow the TAZ 6 x carrier to work.
  2. I need to redesign the TAZ 7 x carrier to fit the TAZ 6 print head
  3. Just buy the lead screws, build the TAZ 6 and move on :astonished:

I see there is going to be a metal TAZ 7 upper cover as the 3d printed definitely are too thin to withstand the belt tension. I think the lower Z should be modified in similar way to support the belt/bearing as it would be more open source friendly.

If someone from Lulzbot can pass this along to Nick P then I would be glad to test this idea.

You can probably print it in Nylon, same with the idler part. I’m going to model the parts and try it out with some 910 and let you know how it goes. Here’s the folder for Z top-plate http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/quiver/Production_parts/Machined_parts/Z_upper/

I’ll be upgrading a TAZ 2 to a 7 starting pretty soon, just started printing parts and need to order some hardware/belts.