Problem with Y-Axis Belt Mount

So my Y-Axis belt mount basically fell off today. All four of the thermal inserts have come out of the mount and it is just dangling. Brilliant me didn’t print off a spare mount either. So I am going to try to wedge it back on long enough to get a spare printed. My question is where would I look to find some of the thermal inserts that I am going to need to attach it to the bottom of the Y-plate?

Also, has this happened to anyone before? I assume making another Y-mount is what I am going to need to do, but any other suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Edit: Forgot to mention that this is on my Taz 5


Just remove the thermal inserts that is already in your part. Problem solved :slight_smile:
If for some reason you can’t remove the current one, go to, and they should have some. If not mcmaster carr

through bolt it temporarily. Get some longer bolts that will fit through the holes, some washers, some nuts, bolt it on, then print a replacemement.

If you have to take it apart anyways, you may want to look at :