Cable extensions for Taz 5

I’m starting to plan on building an enclosure for my month old Taz 5 with a separate humidity controlled enclosure above it for filament and have been checking out many of the designs around. It will be vented with an exhaust fan going to a window, and air/dust filters on the intakes. I do a lot of work with ABS right now, but just ordered the Flexydually v2 and plan on mixing things up a bit :smiley:

One thing I know I want to do is mount the display/controller on the outside of the enclosure. That seems easy enough and the cables going to the display seem long enough to do that, but it got me to wondering if I should also just move the entire Rambo housing outside the enclosure as well? That would require extending all of those 3 (top) large cables going to the housing though. Is that more trouble than the benefit would be since I’m going to be venting with an exhaust fan? I don’t think the Rambo board will get any hotter than without the enclosure since I just plan on venting continuously which would make chamber’s ambient temp about the same as room temp + a few deg from the heat bed?

Also, I’m new to 3D printing (but not 3D). If there’s any advice on doing this enclosure right I’m all ears. What are the main concerns I should be paying attention to when it comes to an enclosure? Should the venting be different with different filament materials, like as far as exhaust fan speed? Are there materials where I wouldn’t want to exhaust? Right now my 2 main concerns for building this are dampening the noise levels that this glorious machine produces and removing the odor of ABS.


As someone who has extended the cables before, I would recommend that wherever possible you run new longer cables, at least on the motion sections. I did that, and had an issue with the connections.