Enclosure for Taz 6

I’ve got a Taz 6, and I’d like to buy a good enclosure for it. I’ve seen the Printed Solid one, but it feels like it’s a bit shoddy. How is the one that Lulzbot itself sells? Does anyone have any other recommendations?

Keep that thought, I have a Wham Bam Bed Systems HOTBOX Mega that looks like it might be an affordable option. Let me unbox it and see how it fits around my Taz 6. I also have a discount code (WNIC2022) that can save you 10% off anything there.

More soon!

Alright, I can confirm this option fits very nicely.

Link is HERE for the Wham Bam Hotbox Mega

Feel free to use my Coupon Code of WNIC2022 to save 10% off.

Here’s some photos I took. I opened one of the top panels that are held in by velcro and stuck a photography light on top

The control box should be out of the enclosure so as to keep the control board cooler. Adding a little duct in the side to the input vent on the Taz would probably be sufficient.

I have a CR-10S Pro in a Next Gen Printed Solid enclosure and that has bottom vents for airflow in, since the Pro has the electronics built into the bottom of the machine. I use a 3DUpfitter Carbon air filter/fan setup in that one, so there is air flowing out, through that filter media.

To your point, you have a lot of options on how to keep the electronics cool, for sure.

Run a couple of TAZ5 and a TAZ6 at work, mostly ABS and PLA filament. Really need to keep the heat in for ABS (not so much for PLA), especially on larger prints to prevent warpage. Cheap solution was putting cardboard around the shelf that the units sit on. That does heat the electronics, which should be kept cool for longevity.

That solution looks pretty reasonable for $170. The reflective surface (like a car window shade) does have a leg up on bare cardboard.

At work, we had a very unfortunate 3D printer mishap that ignited the material used to enclose a print and it went badly after that. Due to the litigation I can’t say a lot but suffice to say, it was very bad.

After that, I have a very different view on 3D Printer Safety, fire suppression and inhalation hazards.

Please print safe!