Yet another TAZ5 enclosure

I just wanted to share design if someone finds it usefull. I didn’t like all those boxes that have holes for the vents for Rambo, so I decided to disassemble the Rambo from the frame and put it outside. Having only two holes for the cables to go inside. Its still work in progress as I havent fit the door yet and rambo is not bolted on to the frame…

frame is made out of 650mm alu extrusion profiles. connecting them together you get 650x690 - 4 sides and 690x690 - 2 sides. I have to make custom spool holder as the standard one is too wide. Printer fits perfectly inside, without too much wasted space.
Frame profiles are connected with standard L connectors. I used polycarbonate sheets. 4 sheets in black and 2 transparent (door and one side).

I’ve had similar thoughts on an enclosure. I’ve been mocking up something with cardboard to see how it might work out. Here’s a corner bracket I made to move the LCD outside of the enclosure. The LCD should probably be moved 5 or 6 more mm to the left in order to clear the panels better. And, of course, it would require a couple of holes, or notches, in the side panel. I’m attaching the files in case they’re of use to you.

LCD_Corner_Bracket_r01.fcstd (56.2 KB)
LCD_Corner_Bracket.stl (104 KB)