Cables to rear of extruder drag/snag on print bed and behind

I’ve got a problem where the cables that connect from the left side of the machine, go through the chain-like plastic protectors, and attach to the extruder assembly drag (hard) on the print bed, and sometimes snag (but always catch and sound bad when it hits the back of the print bed by the felt extruder cleaner).

The pictures I’m seeing on the web generally show that plastic chain assembly running horizontally above the bottom of the extruder - but mine hangs below it.

Any solution for this problem?

Here’s a pic:

Yes. If you look at the back of the printer you will see that the first link right after the cable chain mount has dropped/buckled backwards down towards the bed(That connector mount has nothing to prevent it from happening!). since there is no need for that link to ever pivot. You can just ‘carefully’ glue it to the connector mount and forget about that ever happening again.

So lift the cable chain back up where it pops back into the correct position, add a couple drops of glue to that first joint, let it cure, then your problem will be gone.

Or you can use a plastic zip-tie around the joint.

Thanks for the reply, @kmanley57. I’ll try that as a solution and report back. It’s in the middle of a print job now, so I can’t mess around while the head is moving around.

Rock on! Did the following two changes:

  1. Took the very first link in the cable protector chain, popped it off the second link, and spun the first link around. This no longer allows the second link to bend down. It now can only go straight or bend up.
  2. Zip-tied the first link ABOVE where it normally goes to give more clearance from the bed.

This is working to keep it from snagging on parts of the print job and the back of the bed. (I can finally use the entire print bed!) Thanks again for the suggestion, @kmanley57

I’ll try the flipping technique, I used a small binder clip and that fixed the problem for me