Calibration of Prints

I’ve had the mini for a couple of weeks now and it is a great machine. But, my prints seem to be a little bit oversized. Is there a way to calibrate the print size?

If the materials are all just a little large, you may try playing with the extrusion multiplier in Cura. I have gone as low as 80%, but there is a point where you start seeing week top infill, etc.

Thanks! I will give that a try.

3d printer in general comes in a bit oversized. Your best bet is to print out some fixed diameters and widths and learn what the offset is. Then go into your models and if parts need to fit together, offset the walls by that amount. Or if starting a new assembly/model, you can add the offsets as you go.

Holes will always be a bit small. Walls will always come in a bit thicker. Posts will always be larger…it’s the same with the Mini as it is with the $20K 3d printers I use at work. :slight_smile: