Camera Mount for Taz 4/5

I wanted to share the new mount I made for my Taz 5. There were many designs I liked but were too low, not adjustable, or moved to much while printing. I really wanted a sturdy but adjustable camera mount that would fit on the bed for really great videos that would keep the print in focus. I’m not great at designing so I just mashed three other designs together and made some slight changes. It’s not the most pretty mount, but it works well.

Pictures and video can be found in the description.

I like the idea but I don’t know how I like all that weight on one corner of the bed, may cause it to sag down. I would like to see a similar design but made to snap onto the aluminum extrusion

With as sturdy as the printer is assembled and as little as this weighs it isn’t a problem. That and since it clips to the aluminum under the glass the build plate is unaffected.

Here’s a video of me printing two batarangs in 1080p. Turned out pretty well I think. The added arm in V2 really made it more stable.

Dark Knight Batarangs - Lulzbot Taz 5 Timelapse

Looks like it is working real well for you.