Bed centered cam mount for taz 6 ???

Those are what I’ve found so far for the Taz 6…
Pi cam bed mount
(Pi cam quality isn’t so hot, even version 2 pi cam, and footage will be off axis. No Gopro mount)

Z-axis bed mount
(You see the bed moving during the whole time lapse. Big models will not be centered in frame. In my opinion this type of time lapse is ugly)

Prusa mk2 gopro bed mount
(Bed doesn’t moving during the time lapse, looks like a sky scraper building not a jerky mess. Model is centered through out build. Gopro quality is much better looking than either pi cam version.

Gmax gopro bed mount
GoPro Tripod Mount

Does anything like that exist for the Taz 6? Center mount would ideal for time lapse’s.
Here is my current video
Shot with an Gopro positioned in the center of bed but not attached to bed. I just dont like the look of this footage.

Try this:

Mount attaches to the aluminum plate under the bed. You’ll need some M3x5mm screw to lock the swivel in the correct position. Optionally two more M3x5mm to lock the mount to the aluminum plate. M4 screws and nuts will be needed to lock the arm in place.

I use a logitech webcam with my Pi these days, but with some adapters you can use a GoPro.

Much appreciated, I’ll give it a try !!

Didnt fit. Not enough clearance between build plate and the metal sheet underneath it. Maybe I could sand a few mm off.

Hmm… Ok, I lowered the top a few mm… 3 to be exact. The top looks pretty thin, so you’ll probably need the two M3 screws underneath to clamp to the aluminum bed.

Let me know if that works out. Pictures would be great for further modifications.
TAZ5 RPi_Cam_GoPro_v12B-TAZ6.stl (459 KB)

Thanks for taking the time to mod stl’s.

This is the part you sent b4. I filed it down to fit. Haven’t printed the new version yet. But i can tell you it needs to be between 4.7mm-5.0mm thick to fit between build plate and metal plate. I will try version2 tonight.

*In current form it will definitely hit the mount as the print head moves along during a print or bed leveling routine especially. Even with a shorter arm it’s just to close.

*As you can see from the pic the clearance under the mount is very tight, I’d be worried it might hit the screw at some point. (I could move it a few mm to the left or right :cry: )

I think the mount needs to be longer horizontally to clear the print head. Something that extends the mount farther away from the bed. But then the concern would be if it sagged too much hanging off the bed and hit the screw. Would need a design thin but rigid enough to not sag from camera weight.

The footage above was taken with the mount below

It’s attached to the left washer of the bed, so you at least don’t see the bed moving. Since its angled on the bottom the print head clears it no problem. Just hope we can get something worked up for the center of the bed.

Let me know how V2 works… I may have shaved it down too much if it only needs to be .3mm. I can always increase the thickness.

With the extra cooling fan at the front of the print head, I can see how the toolhead could hit the mount. I put mine on the right hand corner, away from the X0 Y0, my prints rarely reach that corner and it doesn’t interfere with the mount Y-axis endrail piece. Does the TAZ 6 autolevel pattern hit that corner?

I can extend the mount, but will probably need to make the bottom thicker… welll, here’s the updated version. I extended the mount 30mm farther out. Give it a shot.

TAZ5 RPi_Cam_GoPro_v13C-TAZ6.stl (459 KB)
Make sure to get the v13C file… I may have uploaded the wrong file.

Does the TAZ 6 autolevel pattern hit that corner?

Yes the taz 6 touches all fours corners during bed level calibration.

Printing v2 now. I will report back…

v13c 's clearance between the heat bed and the metal sheet is a good fit.

1st pic is a shot of Taz6 auto leveling on first washer. Then it travels to the opposite washer along the out side of the hot bed. v13c is still in the way as the print head travels across the bed.

I must put v13c off center or it will hit the big screw as the bed moves along the y axis.

v12b just barely miss’s the big screw shown above as a reference. So v14d needs to have 1mm or -0.5 less height then v12b
v14d maybe wider
v14d extender farther away from bed.
v14d clamp part that hugs the bed, make it longer under the bed too

Alright try this.

  • 5mm wider on each side
  • mount 10mm further from the actual bed
  • clamp portion lengthened
  • lower portion shaved by 1mm.
    TAZ5 RPi_Cam_GoPro_v14.stl (459 KB)

Thanks so much for continuing to refine this design.

Looked in Cura at all three iterations side by side. I can tell you v14 will be too tall on the bottom to fit past that big screw. v12b barely fit.
But I can test v14 to see if it can support the camera’s weight and to see if the print head pass’s without hitting the mount.

v12 just barely pass’s the screw:

v13c will not fit pass the screw

v15’s height needs to be lesser in height pass the clamp section then v12(-.5m). v13 and v14 are too tall to clear the screw pictured above.

Printing v14 now. Cura is showing about 3 hours print time. I will report back.

Ok. Reduced the bottom thickness back by 5mm. If that clears and the arm needs stiffening, we can increase the thickness of the top…
TAZ5 RPi_Cam_GoPro_v14B.stl (461 KB)

Just re-read your post… this file has a thicker bottom for rigidity. Hopefully it clears the center screw.
TAZ5 RPi_Cam_GoPro_v14C.stl (459 KB)


clears big screw :smiley:

The clamp seems like its splits when I push it in. May need to be a slightly larger gap. Hope the photo shows this. (I need to print with supports to help the over hang. I do my best to clear supports away but take that into account)
hot bed to metal sheet gap 4.85mm
metal sheet thickness 3.26mm - 3.28mm

We are close to, but still a chance print head can hit cam mount as it passes on by. I’m not sure if when I simulate an auto bed level routine if I have the print head as high or low as an actual bed level routine. If its lower, the print head will definitely still hit. But you’d want more clearance in any case to feel safest.

Distance from front of cam mount swivel head to back of clamp ~ 41mm

Needs to be no less then 60mm

Ok. Hopefully this is it.

  • Increased aluminum plate clamp to 3.3mm
  • Add 20mm from bed to swivel (60mm total)
  • Rounded edges for aesthetics.
    TAZ5 RPi_Cam_GoPro_v15.stl (497 KB)

Thanks so much for all your continued work. Honestly if you want to stop at this point the bed mount is usable. The swivel mount clears the print head. I’m very grateful you took the time to work on it. Timelapse of some parts I printed for the wife below using your mount.

If you’d like to tweak farther:
The height of mount overall changed, v15 no longer clears screw. Pic’s of the v14 next to v15.

Since I cant really clear out the support material needed to print overhang of clamp, it needs to be bigger - still splitting.
(Let me try changing the print orientation so the overhang is vertical)

**Not enough plastic on main mount body to leverage screw against swivel head body.

Calipers = 2.72mm
Feeler Gauge = 2.75mm
Probably my printers tolerance is off. This was printed vertically so no support was needed to print clamp section.

Here you go… not sure if I made the bottom thin enough to clear that center screw…

  • Increased aluminum bed gap to 3.5mm
  • Added a cut-out to insert a M3 Hex to give the swivel set screw some bite.

Its got to be close. :slight_smile:
TAZ5 RPi_Cam_GoPro_v15b.stl (515 KB)