TAZ 5 - Questions

Hi guys. I own a cheap 3d printer (Wanhao 4x dual) which was decent to get me started with 3D printing and learning the ropes. Went from downloading designs and printing them to creating my own objects in the various open source CAD programs.

I’m ready to buy a better 3D printer, looking for dual extruders, variety of materials (ABS, PLA, etc.), larger build capability, etc.

I like the published features of the new TAZ5. Some questions:

  • Most reviews favor and praise the TAZ4, with hardly nothing yet on the 5. Of all the criticisms, a review on 3D Hubs said this about the TAZ4: “As mentioned before, the Taz 4 is more suitable for printing large objects and does not cope well with small intricate prints.” Is this true? I do want to print both large and small prints, and I want accuracy just as much as large volume.
  • I’m used to an enclosed chamber for shielding ABS during the print. How well does the TAZ do with an open frame for ABS printing?
  • If I get the dual extruder, does the weight of the dual extruder assemply sag and cause problems between the center of the print bed versus the corners are the guide rods sturdy enough to handle the dual extruder assembly?

Think that’s it, I’ve enjoyed reading the Lulzbot forums, some talented people contributing to the posts !

Thanks !

The TAZ4 and 5 are exactly the same, except for the PEI print bed and all metal Hexagon hot end. Both very good upgrdes. And the TAZ5 was introduced fairly recently so probably not as well established as the 4.

The PEI is actually really good and conducive to printing without an enclosure. I upgraded my smaller un-enclosed printer to PEI, it was night and day. Adhesion on the bed was achieved primarily by increasing the first layer squash. WIth the PEI I was able to raise the initial Z position by almost .5. Which resulted in more accurate bottom layers and preservation of detail.

The TAZ would definitely benefit from an enclosure, but you can get away without one for 80% of prints. Brim usually helps, and I can say that I’ve only had to add brim to one or two prints in my first week with the TAZ5.

As for smaller intricate prints, the TAZ5 has done really well. I printed a test calibration print consisting of a 60mmx60mm plate with hard corners, overhangs, cubes and pyramids… All I can say is I’m impressed. The corners and points were sharp. The cubes were dimensionally accurate. And it spanned the 1cm gap with no issue.

I haven’t run the TAZ5 through any speed tests, but I can say that the S3D profile seems to print a little slower than my other printer. I don’t think the extra weight of the Wades extruder really makes a difference… while it seems very bulky, the common stepper is the bulk of the weight. Of course a Bowden setup would be optimal, but I’ve heard issues with extruding TPU/rubber based filaments. Again I don’t think the Lulzbot toolhead makes a big difference compared to other direct drive extruder.

I had no luck with ABS in my basement (13C). So now I am building an enclosure.