First print with my mini

I got my mini a few days ago and I have been having a blast with it! :smiley:
I had it up and running in 20 minutes, Here is a video I shot of my first print.

I’ll be posting some more videos soon.

Looks great, happy printing!

Hello everyone!
I have another video for you, take a look.

The T-rex was printed with lulzbot orange PLA on default medium settings in the lulzbot cura. The total print time was around 7 hours for the top half and 4 hours for the bottom.

Cool. Where did you get the file?

Thanks McGraw, you can find the STL file for the skull on here
I’m still playing around with the best way to film this printer, It’s difficult because the part is moving all the time and lends itself to a somewhat uncomfortable jerky effect when filmed in a time-lapse. I tried something different for the next one so hopefully it will be a little bit smoother.

You using imovie?

I’ve found clipping the camera to the aluminum plate of the bed works good for me with my gopro. I have a hat visor clip gopro mount I use.

@ McGraw
Nope, I recorded the time-lapse with Dragonframe. It’s a stop-motion animation software but it has a time-lapse function as well. Final editing was done in After effects and premiere.

@ Keebie81
That’s a good idea, unfortunately in my case I don’t have a goPro and mounting a DSLR to the Y axis doesn’t seem like best option :slight_smile:

Nice video. Octoprint makes nice full length movies or time lapse clips through the Raspberry Pi camera (or compatible USB cam). The timelapsw interval can be set to Z-axis change or 30secs.

On the Lulzbot machines, the aluminum plate is a perfect mounting spot. Keeps th project stationary with th toolhead moving round. I printed a simple bracket that slides onto the taz plate, secured with two screws against the plate. How thick is the mini Taz ALU plate?

Would you mind sharing the STL for your bracket and maybe some photos of it? I would like to give it a try on my Taz 4