Can Cura stop printing then resume after a reboot?

Hi, the topics I read about this are from a couple of years ago, so I’m wondering if there is a solution for it now.

I need to print a large piece but I can’t leave the printer unattended overnight. Is there a way of resuming a print once the PC and the printer have been turned off? So I can stop everything before going home then resume it the next day, since I’m not allowed to leave machines on while I’m not at the office.

Thank you

I don’t know of any way to do that with any 3D printing software. In order for that to work, I would think the printer would need to have position feedback so it knows where everything is, and a way to save the spot in the gcode it was processing. Then the printer and computer would need to sync up somehow to restart.

Can you print in pieces and glue or otherwise fasten them together? Maybe the MOARstruder if you have a Taz…

Not Cura, but you could possible get some ideas from the following article:

Didn’t read this article, but they seem to be using Cura: