windows automatic updates stopped almost finished print

Hello all! So I ran into a small problem. While working on a decent sized print, my windows decided to automatically update and restart itself. Since the printer was being controlled by pronterface, the print just halted. After these updates are done, will I be able to resume this print? Or is it a fail? It’s a 5 hour print, and I estimate there was only about 45 Minutes to an hour left. I’d really hate to have to restart, but I suppose you live and you learn

It is theoretically possible to resume a finished print, but only if you know exactly what point it was at in the gcode when it dropped. And even then bed variance, changes in temperature and humidity, etc. will make hitting the starting layer exactly right mroe a matter of luck than skill.

Your better option would be to export a section of the model you are printing at about the layer it stopped, then print that and glue it onto the main assembly. You could also edit the gcode to do that if you change the Z values, but that gets interesting in a hurry.