can i buy Flexystruder v2 nozzlle?

I cant find a place ware I can buy a nozzle and I would really appreciate a link or any info on how to get one. thanks!

If you would like to change your nozzle, they are available here:
Any mk8 for 3mm filament will work. Remember that you have a .6mm nozzle on the Flexy.

Please be careful as the nozzles are easy to break if not removed properly.
To swap a nozzle on a hexagon hot end, you will want to heat the hot end to 185C from cold. Please do not cool it down to 185C as it will not work the same. Then once you reach 185C please turn off the power on the printer. Then you will need an 18mm open end wrench to hold the hot end with, while you use a 7mm open end wrench to remove the nozzle. (please be careful of the small thermistor wires)
If the tool head is mounted on the printer you will be turning the 7mm wrench to the left. Then you can screw the nozzle off and push the clog out. Please remember if you heat the hot end up again, to clear a clog, that you turn the power off before putting anything metal in the hot end to clear it. 5 volts will be present!
You will be able to put the nozzle back on as long as the hot end is still warm. Please don’t over tighten the nozzle as it is torqued to 30 in. lbs. (just over snug)
Please remember that any damage will not be covered by warranty.

I hope this helps!

thanks I really appreciate the help David.