reinstalling nozzle

I needed to remove my mini’s nozzle because of a clog. I understand that to reinstall it it needs to be torqued to 30 in lbs. However I am having trouble finding a tool that will measure torque that small. Does anyone have a good source for the tool?

Also I read that the nozzle should be heated during removal. Does the end need to be heated when reinstalled?

When the nozzle is removed should there be a clear path through the extruder and hot end? Should one be able to push filament through without the nozzle in place?

Heat hotend to 160C+, then install the nozzle while ambient or cold (non-heated). You’ll get a few seconds to start the thread before the nozzle heats up and becomes too hot to hold. After threaded, use a wrench to snug up the nozzle. Then heat the hotend to 250C, and tighten the nozzle again. That’s pretty much all you need to do…

Look here for a how to, even without a torque wrench:

Unplug the machine after heating it up too – there are some parts on the hotend that if you short will blow an endstop controller which requires a complete controller board replacement. I speak from sad experience.

I bought a torque wrench off amazon for about $50. It was similar to this one but I don’t see the exact one I bought:

The part that sort of amazed me was the cost of the crows foot (over $20):

If that wrench is like mine, the size of the head makes it so I have to use it upside down which means I have to lay the printer on its back in order to see the torque readout.

If you had leakage prior to removal then yes, you have plastic in the threads that needs softened for nozzle installation again. So you would need to heat the hot end up to re-install the nozzle.

Can you use a fishing scale and a standard combination wrench?

If your wrench is 4 inches long for example, you would pull at 30/4, or 7.5 pounds. I would do it hot if I could so the plastic sticking doesn’t change the measurement.

30 in-lb is tight, but not that tight. Don’t overtighten it.

Fish scale with a wrench is smart! :slight_smile:

Could also use a 1/4 torque wrench… this one ranges from 20-200lb