Lulzbot TAZPRO dual print questions

How can I get my dual head TAZ PRO to print one model at a time if the models are far enough apart?

It appears to be disabled in CuraLE for the Pro Dual, so you’d have to create a custom “Other Printer” and copy over all the startup GCODE and other settings from the Pro Dual, or use another slicer.

I could’ve sworn I had gotten it to do it once before by accident. Why would they disable it?

I could see it working on a previous version, the software says that the purge tower being enabled prevents you from doing Sequence Print mode, but even with the purge tower disabled, it doesn’t enable. It’s likely there’s another (possibly hidden) setting that is also preventing sequence print mode.

I just checked and one at a time mode isn’t available with the dual extruder on other printers either.

It’s disabled no matter what I do it seems.


Yep, it’s disabled in CuraLE with multiple extruders.

I’ve been using prusaslicer and can do it just fine there. I manually arrange mine so they print in columns in proper sequence, starting at left front, to left back, then next row so you’re just accounting for the clearance ahead of and to the left of the nozzle instead of the huge distance around the right and back. You absolutely need to examine the simulation to make sure it’s not going to collide, but it works fine.