Can one buy wiper pads WITHOUT the mount?

Just bought a set of replacement wiper pads for my Mini but it comes with a printed mount. I hate to waste resources… can I get the pads without the mount?

Install the new mount, that way it’s not wasted! All mounts will have been used and achieved their lifelong goal of holding a wiper pad on a lulzbot mini printer :wink:

As an alternative – what sort of felt is used for the wiper pads? It would seem pretty simple to cut them.

The felt we use we get from McmasterCarr, part number: 88085K311 After we get these in, we soak either side of the felt pad in an ABS and Acetone solution. This helps prevent the “fuzzies” from sticking to the nozzle after the wiping process.

Awesome – great info.

Yes, thanks! You really live up to your commitment to open hardware… what a difference with the bad old days of early home computers when A CERTAIN MANUFACTURER (ahem…) made its floppy disks format proprietary so you were forced to buy formatted floppys from them at about $9.95 PER FLOPPY…

Keep up the good work! (Unabashed request for a TAZ 6 with Mini-style autoleveling and dual flexy-head standard…)

I still have my disk notch cutter! First computer toy I ever bought with my own money when I was 6 years old!