UK source for Mini wiper pads?

The US Lulzbot store has a set of five wiper pads for $10. And they are out of stock. If they were in stock, I could order some to be sent to a US address, where I’ll be visiting shortly.

I can only find one UK source, on eBay, and they sell a pack of five for £20 - that’s about $25 at the current exchange rate, a great deal more expensive.

Is that my only option to get some soon? The ones supplied with the printer lift up out of the holder every time the nozzle wipes, and if I miss this, can lead to mis-levelling, by getting between the print head and the bed, and pushing it down.

I can’t find any other UK or US sources. Does anyone else know of a reputable altgernative UK source? Or do I just have to bite the bullet and pay £20? Al least it’s with free shipping.

PS. A more extensive Google search found another US supplier with stock - maybe I can use that.

But a cheaper UK source would be most welcome.

Sorry to hear about the difficulty! I just checked our online store and it looks like we do have these available in the UK. Just below the Add to Cart button on the parts page you should see an option to change the location that you are checking availability for, when I switched my country to the UK it did show we had stock of this part available. If you wanted you could also contact our sales team and they should be able to help you set up an order for some replacement wiper pads no problem.

I’ll look tomorrow- v late now in UK and I’m off to bed.

Many thanks.

Found the shop, and ordered. Slightly confusing, as the shipping charges refer only to ‘ground shipping in the United States’, and all prices were in dollars, except for the final total which was by PayPal, and only then converted to UK pounds.

But ordered, and on its way soon.

Thanks for your help.