Can the dual tool head v3 run just one extruder

I’m pretty sure I saw the answer but it was more for the V2 Dual Tool Head and wasn’t quite that clear cut.

We are in a situation at work were we have 3 Taz 6 machines with different tool heads but one of the 3 (the one with the original tool head) has completely died on us until we get replacement parts sorted out. The problem is we have a patron that is waiting to have prints done but the filament they gave us is 2.85 (which is the machine that is broken atm). So the only other machine we have that can do 2.85 is the Dual Extruder V3.

Is it possible to just run one of the extruders on Dual V3? Can that extruder also use PETG filament? I didn’t see that filament type listed on Cura LE for Dual Extrusion.

Yes, and yes.

It shouldn’t have a problem with PETG, PLA would be a bit iffy (as it always in in the Dual v3).

Just flash to the dual V3 firmware and slice with CuraLE to ensure you get the correct startup gcode.

Is it a Dual Extruder V3 or V3.1? The 3.1 upgrade helps with the heat creep issues. Alternatively, see Dual V3 - A Review - Wait for V4? - Heat Creep Still A Problem - #8 by b-morgan. I think that fan duct is a better solution than the 3.1 upgrade.

If you are only using one extruder, I don’t think you should have any heat creep issues with PLA.

It was the 3.1 dual head. Our problem ended up getting resolved quickly as the new head for the single extrude came in fast, but I will keep this information in mind if we have to do something like that.

We’ve used just one side of dual extruders ever since the original dually came out for the budaschnozzle based toolheads on the TAZ 4 (we’re currently on the TAZ Pro). If you want to use the second extruder in single mode just add T1 at the beginning of your gcode and from that point on it will be addressing the secondary extruder.