Taz 6 Dual extruder upgrade

I have an older TAZ 6 single extruder and I’m curious if the TAZ dual extruder version 3.1 currently available will work with my printer.

Yes, the Dual Extruder V3.1 should work with your TAZ 6. As the description suggests, contact LulzBot support with your serial number to make sure.

I’ve had pretty good luck with mine when printing dual colors, not so much with water-soluble support material. More fine tuning would probably help but I haven’t spent the time.

I had some heat creep issues with the original V3 which should be better with the V3.1 but I went a slightly different route. See https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/repeated-fails-t6-dual-extruder-recently/23262.

It will work, but as mentioned by b-morgan, heat creep has been an issue with all of the dual extruders. I would not recommend them for printing PLA, but for ABS, HIPS, and other 240+ degree filaments, they should be fine.

I have a V2 and had filament grinding issues with PLA, but ABS+HIPS prints were very good once I got it calibrated. The V2 still has issues due to how heavy it is, and how far out it sits from the rails causing sagging, but the further separation of nozzles makes it slightly less heat-creepy as the V3.

I highly recommend this fan duct for the Dual Extruder V3 (or V3.1). Read the details to see why it works better.

I’m still using the stock fan but Noctua makes a 40x40x10 5v and a 40x40x20 5v fan both of which have more CFM than the stock fan.