Can the TAZ6 Auto Leveling be added to the TAZ5

Say I wanted to add the TAZ6 auto leveling feature to my TAZ5. Is this possible? Has anyone done this? How would you go about adding it?

Yes. There are a couple of approaches you could use. It is possible to purchase the bed parts here: (you’ll need the bed plate, wire harness and switch, the bed rod corner mounts (the spacing is different than the Taz 5 position) 4 corner washers, nozzle wiper kit, screws, flex corner thingy, metal posts, another Motor mount style endplate to accomodate the Taz 6 idler, the taz 6 belt mount assembly, another endstop switch for Y maximum endstop, etc) and you would need to modify your extruder wire harness to add the hotend circuit wire. From there it would just be a matter of firmware. You may also want to consider upgrading to the Taz 6 motion segment for X and Z as well at the same time. THe leadscrews are identical, the Z rods are identical, the X carriage, rods and bearings are different. The Taz 6 frame is also wider than the stock Taz 5, so you may need to purchase the slightly longer extrusions for clearance. The control box hardware, etc. is all pretty much identical internally so you can load the 6 firmware and go once you have all the connections set up.

You can also look at different ato leveling technologies, such as inductive probes.