TAZ 6 Toolhead Question

Stoked for the TAZ 6!

I was looking at the toolheads here: http://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/ and I noticed the description for “Tilapia” was:

“This is the toolhead for the TAZ 6 printer featuring support for autoleveling, dual extruder fans and an upgraded heatsink cooling fan”

I am interested in getting a FlexyDualie and a Dual Extruder for the TAZ 6, will the current versions of these tool heads work with the TAZ 6? If so, will autoleveling still work? Would it be wise to get these toolheads now or wait for possible upgrades? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Well my dual extruder looks to have the sense wire needed for auto leveling. So I am expecting it to work when I get my Taz 6.

Agreed. We’ll confirm this VERY soon.

The TAZ 6 automatic bed leveling feature will indeed be compatible with the v2 dual extruders. This will automatically level the rear hot end, and the end user can raise/lower the front hot end to match.

As for getting them now, the dual extruder is recommended for advanced/expert users. It usually takes about 3 to 4 months of successful single headed operation to become familiar with the machine. It may be worth the wait to become more comfy with the machine before diving in.

Hope this helps!

Awesome, thanks!

Sorry to bump, but it’s related to this topic:

Are the installation instructions for the dual extruder on the Taz 6 much different than for the Taz 5? Here’s a link for the Taz 5 dual extruder installation: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/dual-extruder-v2-tool-head-installation/accessories/

The bed washers should be low enough that you won’t need to do the bed hold down swap out piece, and the frame attachment method for the control box is different so you should be able to omit that step. Everything else looks about the same though.

Okay, thanks!

With the auto-level, is there a Z-endstop at all? :slight_smile:

Technically the big silver side button is a Z endstop. I think it’s the failsafe “work even if goo is attached to the nozzle preventing conductivity” button.

It looks like the switch and the bed are at the same height, so that is ~Z=0. And the top of the washers is ~+1.3-5 M from the report I get during Auto-level. If the measured level height is to far from that value it looks to try to clean the nozzle again then retest.