Can we just use regular TAZ5 .050 print head for flexible filament?

I feel this can be done. Is anyone already doing this? If so what setting are you using?


Nope.The filliament loops in the idler chamber and gets tangled up. You might be able to use a modified extruder body or a different idler arm configuration, but the standard one won’t cut it.

Modifying the extruder body for flexible filament is something I’ve wanted to try for a while. It should be pretty simple, conform and extend the lower filament guide to the hobbed bolt & bearing. 1 or 2mm tolerences should work for 3mm filament…

I just need to mock up the hobbed bolt and bearing in CAD to extend the filament guide… easier said than done. :slight_smile:

The taller extruder variants have an extended lower filliament guide path if you need it. I haven’t tried running flexible filliament through them though.

I’ll take a look. Thanks!

Here’s my attempt at closing the gap between the bearing and lower filament guide. It slices fine in S3D, but I don’t have any ninjaflex or the like to test it out.

The following part in “white” is what I added to the extruder. Should prevent the filament from getting sucked / pushed into the idler.

I may have to go back and check, but the opening for the hotend may have been enlarged slightly for the E3D V6.
TAZ Extruder_E3D_v2.stl (1.19 MB)