Cant downlaod ABS profile??

Hello, just bought a Taz5, having lots of fun.

I want to use it with ABS. I am using Cura V 18.03, it doesn’t have ABS as a profile. I have got onto the Lulzbot page and it says “right click and save the required profile” but when I do it just opens it as a line of text in HTML. I don’t seem to be able to “save as” a file onto my PC as a .ini file to then open in Cura if that makes sense.

What am I doing wrong?


Cura 18.03 will most certainly come with an ABS profile, and many others. To access these, you will need to change the selection in the “materials ease of use” tab at the top left of your screen. Make sure you have selected the type of printer you are using in the “machine” menu at the top of the screen.

Also, when downloading new profiles, even if your browser saves it as an html, the file should still contain the data in text form. Simply change the extension in the filename from “.html” to “.ini”, and it should load just fine.

Thanks very much for your help. Last night after posting I had a think, and remembered the SD card that came with the machine. Sure enough on it were the profiles I needed. Then this morning i had another look, and the problem was I was looking for “Save As” as that’s what the website says, when in fact its “Save Link As” that i needed. A small thing I know but sometimes those are the ones that can trip you up.