Downloading congif profiles

I’m having trouble downloading configuration profiles for IC3D filaments. I downloaded the most up to date Cura (21.04) but its still the standard under experimental. On the profile page, maybe I am reading it wrong, but I cannot “right click and save” anything. I am on this page here, and the only options it gives me when I right click the profiles are open in new tab, open in new window, save target as, copy link, add to reading list. When I click on the page, it brings up all the coding, but I can’t right click and save that either.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance

You use Save Target As for the selection after you right click. Also make sure you select to save the file as All Files and not the default of Text Document. YMMV…

Thanks for the reply. It wouldnt let me save it as anything but the text file, so it got me thinking… Stupid Microsoft Edge. Works fine using Firefox,… last time I use Edge. Thanks for your help. Now going to do some test prints.