Loading TAZ 5 cura profiles

Ok I realize one reason for my Webbing could be that my Taz 5 Cura is out dated. I’m running 17.10. I think the newest version is 19. So I downloaded the latest version. Now that I have I would like to download and use the Print Profiles from here: https://www.lulzbot.com/taz-5-cura-profiles

The problem is the instructions they give are not working. Here is what they say:

"To get printing right away, the default LulzBot TAZ 5 print profiles listed below can be imported into Cura LulzBot Edition for ready-to-print settings. To download and save the configuration file, right click and select Save As.
In order to use the print profiles below you will need to switch to the Full Settings view (Expert > Switch to full settings). After downloading, import the Cura print profile by selecting, in Cura, File > Open Profile. Navigate and select the pre-set Cura print profile file of choice."

When I follow the instructions above and right click save as… It saves it as an HTLM file, and when trying to import the file to Open profile it doesn’t recognize the HTLM file. Does anyone have a suggestion?