Can't find Lulzbot ABS setting in Cura

I purchased ABS direct from Lulzbot. Trying to print with it but can’t find that specific brand in the dropdown to select filament. Is there an alternate or a way to add it?

Disclaimer: I am a complete novice and know next to nothing at this moment.


Others can provide input on ABS settings for Cura.

Since you are a novice to 3D printing, I highly recommend you print things in PLA for a while as it is an easy filament to print with. ABS on the other hand is difficult to print and subject to warpage. Also, you really need an enclosure to keep the heat in when printing in ABS. All I’m saying is, get some experience with easier materials, then by all means proceed with ABS. Good luck.

Thanks TigerMike! I tried the ICS3D setting and so far so good. I’m only 2 hours into an 8 hour print but the base is coming along nicely. Fingers crossed.

There are a lot of things that go into making profiles that are perfect for you. My recommendation is to put some time and filament towards finding out what profile settings work best for your environment.

TigerMike has good advice. If I didn’t need the higher temperature of ABS, I’d never print another ABS print again. There are unknown factors that will make one print work, and the next not. Slight variations in ambient air? Section of bed? brim/no birm? (I’ve had prints with no brim work and prints with a brim fail…no rhyme or reason).

@rhenderson it would be nice if you guys spent more time dialing in the ABS settings, and maybe offering some additional (e.g., something between standard and high quality, e.g., 0.2 mm.)

Also, @rhenderson is there a troubleshooting list / faq style for people troubleshooting issues? That would be pretty good because I guess a lot of us newb – me at least – are probably running into problems similar to problems experience by others, including lulzbot employees.